​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​LISTING FEES
The table below presen​ts The Nigerian Stock Exchange's basic listing fees structure.​

Pr​​oduct/Tr​​ansaction Type ​​ Charges/Basis of Computation
Application Fees​​Bond0.15% of value
Equity & Exchange Traded Fund0.3% of value
ASeMN100,000.00 Flat
Listing Fees​Main BoardCapitalization per Market Capitalisation Metrics ​table/schedule (MARKET CAPITALISATION METRICS)
ASeMN200,000.00 Flat
Delisting Fee0.3% of minority shares /(NCI)
Block Divestment0.5% of  value
NCI: Non-Controlling Interest
Please not that Application Fee is non-refundable

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