​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DESIGNATED ADVISER
The challenge of meeting post-listing obligations has been identified as particularly impeding smaller companies from fully unlocking the value of joining an exchange. It would be impossible to overemphasize the invaluable impact on an emerging business of a knowledgeable adviser who is always available to provide financial advisory services and guide the company in meeting its regulatory obligations. It is therefore required that all companies listed on the ASeM Board have a Designated Adviser (DA).
Role of a Designated Adviser ​
All Designated Advisers must serve the following functions, among others, in order to be eligible to be considered as such:
  • Advises the company seeking to list as to all its responsibilities during the application process
    Acts as a professional and impartial guide to capital market rules and operations for the applicant company
    Advises the company on an ongoing basis to ensure that it satisfies the ASeM’s requirements for initial and continued membership
    Confirms that the company has addressed and met the disclosure requirements set forth in the rules of the ASeM
    Helps the company’s management and board discern what financial and operational information is material and therefore needs to be disclosed to investor
Choosing a Designated Adviser ​
​It is one of the responsibilities of a company to choose a Designated Adviser as part of its pre-listing activities from the list of accredited Designated Advisers published by The NSE.

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