​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GROWTH AMBASSADORS
In today’s marketplace, word-of-mouth is increasingly influential in consumer decision-making. Customers and clients now feel more comfortable purchasing a product or service when it has been recommended by someone they know and trust. The NSE’s Growth Ambassador (GA) programme was introduced to further support the objectives of ASeM in nurturing SMEs – helping them grow from businesses into institutions.​

Growth Ambassadors are selected based on their influence within the entrepreneurial and SME space, their close alliances within capital markets and their strong passion to develop Nigeria’s SME sector. They are influential in projecting the NSE ASeM brand to target stakeholders and contribute to SME development via the ASeM platform.

The Growth Ambassadors will among other roles: 
  • Discuss and promote the offerings and value propositions of ASeM at every possible event, forum or occasion where he or she is featured, with the goal of encouraging SMEs to take advantage of the ASeM board
    Support and collaborate with The NSE from time to time in driving its advocacy for ASeM
    Attend ASeM events, as organised by The NSE or in partnership with other organisations and serve as a resource there
    Introduce and drive initiatives towards developing SMEs through the capital market and using the ASeM platform
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