Unlock the value of your company
Listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange exposes your company to otherwise inaccessible opportunities. The strongly regulated operating environment of our exchange promotes transparency in transactions, price discovery and opportunities to access long-term capital. Our goal is to bridge the gap between listed companies and the investing public.

Why list on the NSE?
With a 2014 GDP of US$510 billion, Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa, a continent that  today offers investors unparalleled, and still underleveraged, opportunities. In coming years, the country’s growing population and rapidly expanding middle class will continue to fuel increased demand across a broad spectrum of industries. The country’s boom has made it one of the world’s fastest growing economies over the past decade, and investors have begun to respond to the opportunity. 

Companies listed on our exchange can access long-term capital from a wide range of local and international investors seeking to get in on this nascent African success story. Issuers are assured of a listing and trading environment that holds all market participants to the strictest standards of corporate governance. The goal of our institutional services is to help our issuers build sustainable organizations that endure beyond the tenure of their founders. To that end, we offer a robust array of advising programs for companies in all stages of growth. Our listed businesses enjoy the benefits of our sustained effort to improve the brand equity and visibility – domestically and globally – of the companies that trade on our exchange. Listing helps to distribute risk and gives initial investors the chance to realize some of all of their investments.

The NSE’s location in an ideal time zone (GMT+1) allows us to offer real-time access to European, North American and Asian markets. Our trading engine X-Gen, which uses X-stream technology, is one of the most advanced platforms in Africa and facilitates trades across a broad range of products.​

Thinking of listing your company? Please email us at listingsales@nse.com.ng​ and one of our relationship managers will be in touch promptly. You may also contact us at +23414489363 or +23414489373  with queries or requests for clarification.​