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The NSE generates a range of data reports directly from source to meet all our stakeholders' demand for market data. ​

  • End of Day Reports (EOD): Data reports are generated at the end of each trading day. They provide information on the various securities traded during the course of each day. The NSE provides a number of reports via the website at no cost, these can be found in the download section. Other reports are available on a subscription basis, see pricelist for details.
    End of Day Reports Factsheet
  • Corporate Actions: Notification of all corporate actions occurs via The NSE feed and can also be found on the Corporate Disclosures page of the website. X-Gen News, an earnings e-mail notification service is also available on annual subscription, see pricelist for details.
    X-Gen News Factsheet
  • Broker Ranking Service: sOur Broker Performance reports provide a monthly, annual or year-to-date ranking of Dealing Members by volum​e and value of transactions; see pricelist for details.
  • Historical Data: End of Day historical quotes may be purchased from the Exchange as far back as 1996 while Tick Data can be requested for a period of three months only; this service is available on a ‘per request’ basis. Historical trading data is provided to customers for a fee upon request, the NSE also offers an 80% discount to students of higher learning institutions.
    Historical Data Policy and Request Form
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